Scrap Steel Dealers

Steel scrap is sorted and processed into grades for re-melting in the steel-making furnaces. All the steel scrap presently being collected is recycled. As such, there is only limited scope to increase scrap availability. Recycled steel maintains the inherent properties of the original steel and the quality can also be improved by recycling. Steel scrap […]

Scrap brass buyers

Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc metals. Brass has a high tensile strength and is easy to machine. Its high corrosion resistance is good for outdoor use, plumbing components and naval/marine applications. Brass has a high tensile strength and is easy to machine. This makes it ideal for intricate and low-friction parts, like […]

Scrap Battery Dealers, Scrap Battery Buyers, Scrap Battery

The battery is a material that contains electrochemical and can convert chemicals to electric usage. Battery recycling is the reuse and reprocessing practice of batteries aimed at reducing the number of batteries being disposed of as material waste. Batteries contain several poisonous chemicals and heavy metals and their dumping has attracted environmental concerns due to […]

Scrap Aluminium Dealers

The metal’s economic scrap value and ability to be recycled continuously makes the aluminium beverage can the most recycled container in the world, with a global average recycling rate of 60% and a rate of over 90% in some countries. Around 25% of the aluminium produced every year is destined for the transportation sector. Aluminium […]

Scrap Metal Prices

Each metal has a value, aluminium, brass, copper, lead, and stainless are high-value metal, and steel, roofing/tin, iron are low-value metal. We pay cash or as per the convenience of the customer.  The metal price fluctuates every day or a week, it’s based on an international market value, LME (London Metal Exchange) exchange, and  rate […]

Scrap yard near me

Recycling scrap metals can be quite beneficial to the environment. Scrap metal recycling refers to the recovery and processing of recycling metal materials from end-of-life products and structures so they can be reintroduced as raw materials for the production of new goods. The metal recycling industry encompasses a wide range of metals. The more frequently […]